mixed-media comic

A four-frame comic screenprinted on bristol board and Mylar. There are two areas of movement in the storyline: a vehicle overhead, and a spectator following below. The bristol board has cutout windows behind which the Mylar scenes are mounted.

The comic plays with the element of the frame in multiple ways. First, there are the materials for the frame (bristol board) vs. what is framed (Mylar). Next, the cut-outs evoke the act of watching, and having a framed point of view. The placement of the frames also mimics the action in the story. Lastly, placement of the characters plays with the frames: the vehicle always appears on the Mylar, while the spectator is always printed on and cut out of bristol board. The vehicle always stays inside one of the rectangular frames, but the spectator begins within a frame, moves outside the frames, and then ends within the last frame.